Cruiser Plus logs account (50 logs)

Cruiser Plus logs account (50 logs)

For DB2020 and PNX5230 flashing & phone code resetting. NEW!! DB2012 CID51, DB2020 CID49-51 UNLOCKING!!
Your Card ID must end with "-07" if you want use Cruiser Plus functions! (DB2020 unlocking, J220/J230/Z300 flashing etc.)

How to Generate Card ID for your Cruiser Pro Plus:

  1. Be sure you have the latest version of Cruiser installed
  2. Start Cruiser software and click into "Settings" tab
  3. Click on "Licensing" tab and then on 'Read card ID"
  4. The card id will be generated and you will need to provide us with the card id and a valid email address in order for us to create log file account for your dongle (e.g. Card ID: EBD60145AD72038D635ADNT2F66C3818-07)

WARNING: Please make sure you only generate the Card ID once. Because the Log file will only work with the card id you have generated and sent to us. If your Card ID has changed, in this case we can not be held responsible, and you will need to purchase new log file.

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