Samsung unlock code

Samsung unlock code
Samsung unlock code. Remove the 'Password' network restriction with a unique unlocking code for Samsung mobile phones, and be able to switch SIM card providers whenever you like.

Can you get the unlocking code for all Samsung models?

How long does it take to get the unlocking code for my Samsung phone?
2 to 5 working days.

What is the process to unlock my Samsung mobile phone?
1. Fill in your phones info in the fields provided below (Model, Network, IMEI)
2. Click on "Add to cart"
3. Checkout and pay
4. Once payment is received we will start to process your order
5. You will receive a unique unlocking code for your Samsung phone by e-mail, along with instructions on how to enter it.

How do I find my phones IMEI?
1. Power on your phone (without a SIM card inserted)
2. Type in the following code: *#06# (star, hash, 0, 6, hash)
3. The IMEI will appear on the phones screen

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your phone requires an SP code to unlock it then please do NOT order this service as we can only provide the NCK and SPCK/UNFREEZE codes.

To check which lock type is enabled on your phone, insert an accepted SIM card into your phone, switch it on and type in the following code: *#7465625#
A menu will appear onscreen and look similar to the below:
[x] Network lock
[x] Subset lock
[x] SP lock
Where x = ON or OFF
If the Network lock and/or Subset lock is ON then our codes will unlock your phone. If the SP lock is ON then our codes will NOT unlock your phone.

Samsung unlock code is also known as:
Samsung remote unlock code
Samsung Password
Samsung unlocking code

Price: £10.00 (11.80)
Model (e.g. i900 Omnia):
Network the handset is currently locked on:
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  • Author: graham
    top notch service! got my samsung unlocked and working with all networks after getting the code sent to my email. thank guys!
  • Author: B CHAMBERS
    100% you sent me a code i typed it in and hay presto , excellent thank you very much,
  • Author: Dee
    Thanks great service, unlocked so easy and instructions good to follow, wasnt sure to trust internet site but 100%
  • Author: gavin funge (
    gd service
  • Author: Vladimir Semionov (
    unlock samsung
  • Author: jamie simmons (
    if this works ill be inpressed
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