Setool Credits

Setool Credits

Setool credits. Credits for Setool software to unlock, flash, de-customise Sony Ericsson mobile phones. Unlock the latest Sony Ericsson mobile phones using Setool credits.

Setool credits are now needed to activate the latest version of Setool software with your Setool box. 20 credits are needed for this activation. After activation you will be able to use all Setool software versions that release after v1.0 and be able to access the new support area to download files for the latest phones. Download the Activator program from HERE.

How long will it take to send me the setool credits login details?
We will send login details within 24 hours.

Will the setool credits login details be sent to my email?

Note: Setool box required to use with these credits.

Setool video tutorials on how to use logs to flash, unlock can be found here: Setool Video Tutorials

Setool official support forum for any problems you may occur, or if help is needed, can be found here: Setool Forum

Setool F.A.Q can be found here: Setool FAQ

Setool credits server status and IP configuration settings can be found here: Setool Server

Setool credits is also known as:
Setool logs
Setool unlocking credits
Setool unlocking logs
Setool server credits
Setool server logs

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Setool Credits Pack
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    Author Help! Say how to unlock access blocked sites, free? I use [url=][b]NORD[/b][/url] but they say, it can be done for free. Someone has experience?
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