Cyclone DCT4+ RSA Clip Adaptor

Cyclone DCT4+ RSA Clip Adaptor

Cyclone DCT4+ RSA Clip Adaptor: Convert your Cyclone Box into a Nokia DCT4+ unlocking clip! Unlock Nokia DCT4+ phones without the need of a computer.

Cyclone DCT4+ RSA Clip Adaptor Features:

  • Unlock any DCT4+ within seconds
  • Simlock area repair in DCT4+ phones
  • Contact Service repair in DCT4+ phones (if caused by corrupted simlock)
  • Security code reset in DCT4+ and BB5 phones without loss of data
  • Tampered code reset (when the limit of code entries exceeded) without data loss

1. Connect the clip to the Cyclone box diagnostic port
2. Connect phone to clip adaptor using a Cyclone RJ45 cable
3. Connect a battery to the clip
4. Connect the clip's USB cable to Cyclone box USB socket
5. Cyclone Box will run in CLIP mode

How to use Cyclone Box in Clip mode:

  • Use S1 button to change the Clip mode
  • The mode is signaled by LEDs blinking:
    • Red LED: Read info mode (check phone connection)
    • Green LED: Unlock/simlock mode
    • Blue LED: Reset security code
  • After you have chosen the mode, press S2 and wait for results. If everything works correctly, the green LED will blink fast. The red LED blinks, restart the procedure and try again.

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Cyclone DCT4+ RSA Clip Adaptor

Weight 100.00 g
Price: £10.00 (11.62)
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