MX KEY - mobileEx Service Suite
The most powerful Nokia software repair partner.

Designed for easy to use and with support for as many features as possible, while still being fast and reliable.
Supports the most important features for mobile phone repair & service partner with safety, even for a beginner!


  • Unlock Nokia DCT-4, DCT4+, BB5, BB5+, BB5 PA_SL2
  • Flash MCU, PPM, CP (Content Pack), ADSP, APE variant, APE userdisk
  • Backup and Restore IMEI data
  • On The fly IMEI and ESN changes
  • CDMA phone tunning
  • and MANY more...

No need for any other 'SPECIAL' tools, ONLY mobileEx will do :o)

Supported Interfaces:

  • UFS2 (by Sarasoft)
  • JAF (by Odeon)
  • MTBOX (by Griffin Team (DCT4 only)
  • USB (DCT4 / BB5 FBUS / CCS function)
  • Serial / COM Port (DCT4 / BB5 FBUS / CCS function)


Latest Updates:

v3.3 revision 1.3, Public-Release

- Added, FREE Universal BB5 SIMLOCK RPL Maker
(Possible to UNLOCK or LOCK to spesific provider)
- Added, Manage SIM option
(Used to Read or Write 'Simlock.bin' file to be used to make customized SIMLOCK RPL)
- Fixed, HWC write bug
- Minor bug fixes


Package Contents:

  • 1 x MX KEY dongle with Smart Card
  • 2010 x FREE DCT4 RPL (ALL ASIC)
  • SX4 Auth
  • Access to official support area


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